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    East Asia Corporation Limited
    Skype: kimshenzhen

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East Asia Corporation Limited, established on Apr 2004 at shenzhen China
Mainly handling Rare Earth metal, Minor Metal,Tungsten,Molybdenium,Fluorspar, Ferro Alloy, 
Silicon Carbide, Cokes and Anthracite Coal. 

1.Company History 
1) Apr,  2004,  East Asia International Shenzhen  HQ (Logistics, Metals Import and Export)
2) May, 2007, East Asia Corporation Hongkong         ( Minerals, Metals import and Export)

2.Main Products

 1) Rare Earth Products
     Lathanium_Cerium Misch Metal
    Cerium Oxide
     Praseodymium-Neodymium  Metal 
     Neodymium  Metal
     Yttrium  Metal, Yttrium Oxide
2) Tungsten Products
     Tungsten Concentrate (wolframite, scheelite)
     APT, YTO (Tungsten Trioxide), Ferro Tungsten 

     Tungsten Carbide,Tungsten Metal, Tungten Electrode

3)  Molybdenum Oxide,Ferro Molybdenum
4)  Ferro Vanadium,Vanadium Pentoxide
5)  Ferro Silicon,ReFeSi, ReMgSi, CaSi, FeSiBa 
6)  Fluorspar Lump, Fluorspar Acide Powder, Fluorspar Granules
7)  Foundry Coke, Metallurgical Coke, Semi Coke, Petroleum Coke, Anthracite Coal, 
     Carbon Raiser, Activated Carbon Amorphous Graphite, Graphite Cathode
8) Silicon carbide, Magenesite
9) Silicon Metal, Magnesium Ingot
10) Ferro Chrome,Ferro Manganese,Mn Metal, Electrolytic Manganese Flake
11) Pig Iron, Coil (HRC, CRC, STS), Copper and Aluminium
12) Titanium Oxide (Titanium Oxide Slag) , Leucoxene Sand 
13) Rubidium Metal and other minor metals 
14) Petroleum Oil and Bitumen
15) PP, PE, PVC, LDPE resin

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